• Fun on the street

    Fun on the street

    In the past week the street where I live with my Family has been busier than it usually is, they call this Avondvierdaagse which means Four Evening Walk where they walk through the city in a long row, play loud music and cheer.

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  • Gone swimming

    Gone swimming

    Lately the weather has improved, temperature is getting higher and so we -the Boss and I that is- can be found outside more often. He takes me on little trips and let met run free and I can tell you that is great fun, especially when I get to meet other dogs and mates from…

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  • Patiently waiting

    Patiently waiting

    I am a patient. And I am waiting. But, these two do not add up to ‘patiently waiting’. That, my friends, is a fact. When a dog is in a waiting room to be seen by the Cardiologist in a Veterinary Clinic it is Pandemonium, Havoc, Chaos and much more. What it’s not is Patiently…

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  • Sniffari with a mate

    Sniffari with a mate

    So the Boss is still ill, he sits mostly in his lazy chair. I sometimes put my nose on his arm and he gives me cuddles but I can tell he’s still in a lot of pain as I am not allowed to jump on his lap. He did let me sit there one and…

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  • Meeting friends at the beach

    Meeting friends at the beach

    It’s been ages since we went to the beach but today was my lucky day and I was especially lucky to meet a lot of my friends (some of whom I have met previously). Of course I tried to do the Wild Thing but the girls wouldn’t let me. Oh well, maybe better luck next…

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  • Fluffy Stuff

    Fluffy Stuff

    Ok, so I know Rain, it’s been raining half my life in this family and quite frankly I don’t mind going out in the rain. Boss usually puts a hat on so his face stays dry, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t mind the rain either as he always wants to go out with me for…

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  • Not hungry

    Not hungry

    So this week on Monday I got sick and I didn’t want to eat, got my Bosses really worried. The truth is my stomach hurt and I puked in the Living Room but otherwise than that I was ok. Of course I couldn’t tell them and I just had to find a spot to lie…

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  • Being a Good Boy

    Being a Good Boy

    I now weigh 31.70 Kilograms, that’s nearly 4 stone and 14 lbs in ‘Old Money’. And I’ve grown a lot after the last time I got weighed, my Collar was too tight and my fur was getting in a tangle.

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  • Dirty and Proud

    Dirty and Proud

    YES! It finally happened again! After weeks of walks through the neighbourhood on a lead today we went to the woods nearby, where all the other dogs go and where we are allowed to run free.

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  • Haircut


    Oh just look at me, aren’t I a Handsome Boy? I got a haircut today. I went to Sharona this afternoon who gave me a bath, a trim and then used a hairdryer.

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