• The Goodie Bag

    The Goodie Bag

    Here’s me being happy with a new ball I got, you can just see I am smiling in this picture. Today Little Boss and I had an unboxing session as CaroCroc sent me a Goodie Bag!

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  • The beach in France

    The beach in France

    This year we went on a holiday with Ollie to the north of France in the Dunkerque area. And naturally we wanted to take him to the beach so he could have a swim in the sea, Ollie loves water. Before we went on our trip we looked on the internet to find out if Ollie was allowed to run free and this is what we found.

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  • Fun on the street

    Fun on the street

    In the past week the street where I live with my Family has been busier than it usually is, they call this Avondvierdaagse which means Four Evening Walk where they walk through the city in a long row, play loud music and cheer.

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  • Gone swimming

    Gone swimming

    Lately the weather has improved, temperature is getting higher and so we -the Boss and I that is- can be found outside more often. He takes me on little trips and let met run free and I can tell you that is great fun, especially when I get to meet other dogs and mates from the neighbourhood.

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  • Paws up for the Boss!

    Paws up for the Boss!

    Over the past weeks I have taught Ollie to give me a High Five, such fun! I really should say, High Four as a dog only has four toes. Anyways, Ollie loves doing little tricks and Little Boss (who isn’t actually a boss) keeps practicing these tricks and Ollie gets a lot of treats.

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  • Patiently waiting

    Patiently waiting

    I am a patient. And I am waiting. But, these two do not add up to ‘patiently waiting’. That, my friends, is a fact. When a dog is in a waiting room to be seen by the Cardiologist in a Veterinary Clinic it is Pandemonium, Havoc, Chaos and much more. What it’s not is Patiently Waiting.

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  • Sick as a dog

    Sick as a dog

    Poor Ollie! In the past week he caught something bad and now he has a chest infection and a very, very sore throat which made him panicking and run around the living room.

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  • Sniffari with a mate

    Sniffari with a mate

    So the Boss is still ill, he sits mostly in his lazy chair. I sometimes put my nose on his arm and he gives me cuddles but I can tell he’s still in a lot of pain as I am not allowed to jump on his lap. He did let me sit there one and I was ever so careful not to hurt him.

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  • Meeting friends at the beach

    Meeting friends at the beach

    It’s been ages since we went to the beach but today was my lucky day and I was especially lucky to meet a lot of my friends (some of whom I have met previously). Of course I tried to do the Wild Thing but the girls wouldn’t let me. Oh well, maybe better luck next time, although it was a lot of fun and I played with many other dogs.

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  • It was an accident

    It was an accident

    Well, we all had quite a shock today. Ollie got run over by a moped today but don’t worry he’s fine. The boy on the moped however had his clothes torn, a few grazes and his moped damaged as he tried to swerve around Ollie and fell down on top of him.

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