Busy day, sleep now

Today I had a busy day as I went to see the Vet first and then my Bosses took me out for a walk and a run on some sort of beach.

Meeting Doc Paul

The other day I have bitten my tail and it had gotten a bit out of hand but boy, itch! It was itching like mad, maybe it was a Flee or something. But anyhowl, it started bleeding and got my Boss upset. He put a nice bandage on my tail but as soon as I wagged it, it went flying across the room.

So it was off this morning to the Pets Health Animal Clinic in Soest where I was seen by Doc Paul. Now Doc Paul is a very nice man and he is my Friend in a White Coat from now on as he has not just one but two bottles of treats at his desk and he knew which one I liked, it’s as if he was reading my mind. I don’t know, maybe it was because I kept staring at the big Jar, it is possible.

Anyway, I was being a good boy so I got a treat and he looked at my tail, my eyes, the funny bark slash cough I had and he listened to my heart with a thingy. Thanks Doc, my bosses now smear disgusting ointment on my tail, don’t worry I won’t lick it off, YUCK!

There is a Beach but nowhere water to be seen

Map of some sort of beach (without water)

Then it was off on a Road Trip to some sort of Beach far away. My Big Boss with the low voice stayed behind at the edge of the sand dunes. Well, lot’s of beach but no water! Where am I supposed to go for a dip now? Have you thought this through? And it’s hot, HOT! Muggy and hot. Anyway, I ran about the place a bit, had fun but then it was time to get back to the little PTL car the Big Boss is driving and we went home.

Busy day, sleep now.

Beach without water

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