This morning when I woke up I had every intention to make mischief and guess what: I did. First I sat next to the Dinner Table which is not allowed and I was told off and send away. But that was Small Treats compared to what I did later today, just read on.

Waiting for the Boss

The Big Boss and Little Boss were making Apple Pie last evening and as it was meant to be eaten by others elsewhere the Big Boss had to deliver the pie at Little Bosses work in the City Centre. So when he was about to leave he put me in the Bench and being a Good Boy (his words) he treated me to one of these little dried Fish that I love and then he left. Boy was he in for a surprise when he comes back!

Of course I stayed put until I heard his Moped Car purring away from the Drive Way and then I went to work: there has got to be a way to break these locks on the door of my Bench. Oops, they bent too easy, well we’ll sort that out later or better, let the Boss fix it. He’s a good man and I just know he won’t be cross with me if I wag my tail when I come back.

Boss felt so guilty when he came home way too late after two hours he only told me off in his Mock Angry Voice, you just know he can’t be really mad at me and he checked the room to see if I didn’t accidentally left a Number 1 or 2 in the room since he was gone for so long. He took me outside straight away as I desperately needed to do both outside.

Now it’s time for a Kip, all this mischief has made me tired. Be back later.

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