• Not hungry

    Not hungry

    So this week on Monday I got sick and I didn’t want to eat, got my Bosses really worried. The truth is my stomach hurt and I puked in the Living Room but otherwise than that I was ok. Of course I couldn’t tell them and I just had to find a spot to lie down and to let this all pass.

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  • Being a Good Boy

    Being a Good Boy

    I now weigh 31.70 Kilograms, that’s nearly 4 stone and 14 lbs in ‘Old Money’. And I’ve grown a lot after the last time I got weighed, my Collar was too tight and my fur was getting in a tangle.

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  • Dirty and Proud

    Dirty and Proud

    YES! It finally happened again! After weeks of walks through the neighbourhood on a lead today we went to the woods nearby, where all the other dogs go and where we are allowed to run free.

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  • Haircut


    Oh just look at me, aren’t I a Handsome Boy? I got a haircut today. I went to Sharona this afternoon who gave me a bath, a trim and then used a hairdryer.

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  • Killing it

    Killing it

    I have two favourite Toys, Mr Duck (a l’Orange, esq.) and Olliephant. And sometimes when I feel like it, they’re getting it: I must kill them. Luckily for me these two little friends of mine can handle my ‘love’ for them alright and I am pretty sure they’ll survive for another two or three months til I am done with them. That is, if the Boss will fix them in the mean time.

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  • Cold and windy at the beach

    Cold and windy at the beach

    Cold and windy at the beach today but so much fun! And we found a squeaky ball, my favourite toy! I even went into the water a couple of times, I just couldn’t help myself. We are Golden Retrievers and we love water. And balls.

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  • Christmas came early

    Christmas came early

    Well, this evening Christmas came early for me, my two Bosses bought me a new Sleeping Cushion from the Welkoop Pet Shop.

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  • How to avoid Wet Dog Perfume

    How to avoid Wet Dog Perfume

    The French call it Parfum Chien Mouillé and it is certainly something you don’t want to drive back home with from a walk in the park, Wet Dog Perfume is not a picnic.

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  • Weighing at Welkoop

    Weighing at Welkoop

    As the Big Boss was worried if I still get enough food in a day, we went to the Welkoop Pet Shop nearby in Bunschoten to put me on the scale today. That might have something to do with the trick I played on him yesterday when I fancied a midday snack.

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  • Mud! I love Mud!

    Mud! I love Mud!

    Just as much I love playing with Balls at the Beach in Summer and take it for a swim, I love Mud in Autumn after days of rain.

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