Leendert’s Bio

This is me, Leendert.

I was born in Rotterdam in 1968 but I grew up on farm land. I married Christa in 1996 with whom I have four children. I had some really nice jobs (amongst which jobs in Nursing, as an Optician and in ICT) and I retired in 2014 due to ill health. Nowadays I take care of the Household.

I am a bit old-fashioned and like things that have been, for example old English series on TV such as All Creatures Great And Small, mechanical watches and clocks, bifocal glasses and old vinyl records.

I don’t like modern things and regularly work on a vintage model railway. I drive a beautiful Ligier JS60 light quadricycle and I love to take Ollie on trips with it to the country side. I am Eccentric, you can probably find me in the kitchen at parties.

And I’m a Dog Lover now. Read here why.

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